Card Fu is my capstone project. It is a turn based strategy fighting game that has an AI machine learning element to it. It is built in Unity and programmed in C#.

Technologies used:


Explore game developement and artificial intelligence for the first time. In order to make a game that had an enemy that learned how you played, and became more difficult to defeat.


I decided to build my project in Unity and program it in C#. This was quite the challange since it was my first time learning/using Unity for game development, and my first time learning/programming in C#. The second challange I faced was learning how to create and implement artificial intelligence technology for the first time as well. Thanks to Unity's ML-Agents Toolkit, I was able to learn how to do this, and created my very first AI neural network. I taught the AI how to play my game, and then trained it to play the game effectively. The result of all my efforts was a small low fidelity prototype demo, that I am proud to share with others. My next steps for this project is to build on it and and polish it up more, so it can be a full mobile game experience that will be available on the App Store and Google Play. If you want to try this demo out, click the button below.

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